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    Post by Noei on Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:17 am


    The Guild has an ambition to gather a specific circle of people. We believe that not levels and skills are most important in Tibia, but friendship, trust, cooperation
    and - first of all – having fun!
    This is why we won’t accept just anyone into our ranks. We don’t need thousands of members, but we will gladly invite all the sensible souls out there.
    In return, we offer a steadily growing community that is bound strongly together.

    1. Tibia Rules:

    Violation of ANY Tibia Rule is strictly prohibited. Tibia rules are on this page:

    Stay “clean” – RHC strives to be one of the most trusted guilds on Nerana. We do not accept cheating in general. From bug and game weakness abuses, through multi-clienting,
    hacking, account trading & sharing, luring, stealing, to using unofficial software to play.

    2. Behavior in-game and on forum boards:

    Play safe – the game is supposed to be fun for everyone. This refers both to jumping into a cave full of monsters and insulting a possible lurer.
    All Red Hand Clan members are required to show respect and kindness not only to RHC members, but also to whole community.
    Using abusive language will not be tolerated.
    Every information written in Guild Channel or on RHC Forum is treated as secret and cannot be passed to other players.
    "Play safe" also refers to keeping Your account safe.

    3. Community rules:

    Be tolerant – Red Hand Clan consists of people from different countries, in various age, both girls and boys and so on.
    Every Red Hand Clan member is expected to follow society rules. To be clear prohibited behaviors are: any kind of cheating, thieving, scamming, respawn thieving, respawn blocking
    - try to resolve problems peacefully first, try to be reasonable.

    4. Duties of every Red Hand Clan member:

    Socialize – by chatting, making friends, trading, hunting together.
    Playing Tibia is not a duty, but we expect that Members will be active – mostly in chat and forum, but also in quests and social events.
    Lack of activity lasting more then 3 months will result in being downgraded to a “Hidden Hand” [a temporary rank],
    and if a player is still found inactive for the next 6 months, he/she will be removed from the guild.
    Visit our Forum regularly, be active – Clan needs your opinion.
    Having Guild Chat opened is a duty. You do not need to speak/chat but you are expected to look what happens there from time to time.

    According to the play safe paradigm we ask our members to inform us of other guild memberships they have on other characters, so that they could be evaluated,
    as well as how fair is any other guild they may be part of.

    Every Red Hand Clan member is obliged to pay a small monthly "Guild Fee", which help us to organize special Guild Events or Lotteries and to gradually buy
    many different "quest items", "achievement items" or even pieces of equipment which can later be borrowed and used by every guildmate who may need them
    [whenever they are available, of course].

    - The fee is 50gp * your highest level and you only pay for this one character
    - Because our GH is on PACC area, FACC players pay 20gp * the highest level (Since they still can join our events and lotteries)
    - You have to pay till the 7th day of each month using new guild bank account interface at any banker NPC
    - If you forget to pay once, or you're absent, we simply send you letters in game to remind you about it
    - If you forget to pay, or don't want to pay few times in a row, you're banned from our GH and all events until you pay
    - Trials don't pay the fee

    [You can read more detailed rules concerning our "Guild Fee" and check the current state of our finances as soon as you join us,
    because this information is posted on the RHC ZONE of this forum, visible only for our Trials and Members].

    5. Rights and advantages of being Red Hand Clan member:

    Every Red Hand Clan member will receive best possible Guild help in life danger situation.
    Every Red Hand Clan member can participate for free in quests organized by Red Hand Clan.
    Every Guild member will receive free help with making easy "go and take" quests.
    Being Red Hand Clan member gives you the possibility to hunt in groups with trustworthy players.
    Our guildhall (Mountain Hideout) has a large bedroom on floor -1 that can be used by any full member of the guild.
    In addition two rooms on the first floor can be rented for a fee of 100gp*sqm, if they are not currently rented.
    The food is always available in the kitchen, but if you used it make sure to refill the kitchen.
    The Conference Room is open for various parties.
    The Guild has also its own Library (actually moved to Maribeth's depo in Thais).
    Every RHC member has a right to use all advantages of paying the "Guild Fee" [see point 4 above]

    6. Complaints about Red Hand Clan members behaviour:

    If any of Red Hand Clan members was involved in situation which indicates breaking any of the mentioned rules or harmed you in any other way, please contact our Leadership in game.

    Just to sum it up:

    Red Hand Clan is all about trust, friendship and fun. It exist for all the members so that they can get the most out of Tibia.
    If You wish to know how it’s like – contact one of members for a chance to join the Clan.

    So come on! Tibia is not only for hunting! It's not only about skills and levels! It's not only the loot that counts!
    It’s also meeting new people on whom you can count in game. So meet us. Join us.
    Talk, write, smile, propose new things, argue, make jokes.
    Spread your wings! Be active, be alive!
    Be a Member - UNITED we stand.

    On behalf of all Red Hand Clan Leadership.

    ~Originally posted by Kvartan on the old forum.

    Few little modifications made by Noei and Vloskel in September 2014]

    Last update [concerning reintroducing of the "Guild Fee"] proposed and described by Thar Grad, discussed and accepted by Irsu, Manvill and Noei in December 2014

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