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    Post by Noei on Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:58 am

    Who, when and why can be advanced, downgraded or removed.


    Red Hand Clan currently has 6 different ranks, which can be gradually achieved by people who decide to join our guild. Those ranks are as follows:

    1] HARMLESS HAND - available only for our new candidates, who are accepted for a period of TRIAL, lasting for 2 months. This means that this rank is temporary and after the trial period ends, those people [according to their behaviour during the whole trial] should be:

    - either advanced to the FULL MEMBER RANK, [if they fulfill all the required conditions]
    - or removed from the guild [if we decide that they don't fulfill the required conditions enough to be advanced at that time]

    IMPORTANT: of course, we have a right to remove any candidate from our guild earlier, before the trial period of 2 months ends, if such a person breaks any of our main rules in a significant way, harmful to our guild as a whole or to any of its members in particular]

    HARMLESS HAND rank means that those people have no real “power” in our guild YET, because they are still only our CANDIDATES on a TRIAL, so they are "harmless" here.

    2] HIDDEN HAND is a rank for those of our INACTIVE MEMBERS who, for any possible reason [school, university, work, family life, relationship, holiday, health etc etc etc] cannot play actively for a certain longer period of time, but who still have a right to remain a part of our guild [because there is still a chance that once they solve their problems/finish their projects/fulfill their dreams in RL - they can come back to play Tibia actively once again].

    HIDDEN HAND rank means that those people are inactive online, so they are invisible and “hidden” from all of us, due to prolonged inactivity.

    This rank is also TEMPORARY and the maximum time of being an inactive member of RHC is 6 months, after which such a person is REMOVED from our guild.

    IMPORTANT: even if someone is removed from our members list after that time, that person can still come back to us if his/her situation change in such a way which will allow him/her to play actively again.

    3] we currently have 4 possible REGULAR MEMBER RANKS, which are available for all those of our candidates who will “survive” the whole period of TRIAL [lasting for 2 months]. Those ranks are EQUAL to each other, no matter which of them appears as first or as last on our members list, and they should just show us in a nice and simple way how many players of each vocation do we have [which can be helpful while organizing some quests services or hunts]. Those ranks are:

    a] Healing Hand for druids, because their main role is to HEAL and cure us, so they should create peace and harmony wherever they go, and use the powers of Nature to bring some consolation both to our bodies and our souls,

    b] Hypnotic Hand for sorcerers, because they literally HYPNOTIZE us and change our whole perception of reality when they use their secret words and the complicated gestures of their hands to cast some powerful magic spells,

    c] Holy Hand for paladins, who are noble warriors chosen and blessed by Gods, so they should always fight for justice and use their unique HOLY Spells to destroy all evil powers of Darkness and Death, bringing the Light of Hope and Life to all those who need them,

    d] Heroic Hand for knights, who should be courageous, brave, strong, patient and kind, and who should always be our HEROES, ready to go for every long, difficult and dangerous Quest to save us and protect us.

    IMPORTANT: Every new member of our guild who plays actively on more then just 1 character has a right to join RHC on his/her ALTERNATIVE CHARACTERS too, maximum on 4 of them [each for every different vocation].

    In order to advance to REGULAR MEMBERS RANKS we expect our candidates to be active in ALL or at least in SOME of the typical guild activities as often as possible.
    Those activities are:

    - talking on Guild Chat [which should ALWAYS be opened, unless someone is currently engaged in some really difficult quest or hunt],

    - discussing on Guild Forum [or at least checking it regularly to be aware what is currently happening in our "guild life"],

    - helping to organize [or at least participating] in Guild Events and official Tibian Events and World Quests,

    - helping to organize and joining free Quest Services for the guild members [or at least being ready to help others from time to time],

    - socializing with other members on Team Hunts [or at least agreeing to join some adventure once in a while].

    Every active member who fulfills those conditions and follow our rules has a right to keep his/her rank forever, as long as our guild exists, unless he/she will become inactive and downgraded to the “Hidden Hand”, or unless he/she will deserve to be promoted and advanced to the rank of vice-leader.

    The maximum time of accepted inactivity for every regular member is 3 months, before he/she gets downgraded to inactive rank - “Hidden Hand”.

    4] LEFT HAND is a rank given to our VICE LEADERS and it is available to get only for those of our regular members who, apart from being active in all typical guild activities, [see point 3 above] would like to do something MORE.

    They should be chosen among those people who can see the guild as a WHOLE, who can analyze every situation, no matter how difficult it is, and then try to find some way to FIX IT. They should be able to look at the guild from some higher perspective, see everything within some broader horizons and then not only recognize the PROBLEMS, but also propose some SOLUTIONS.
    They should be recruited among those members, who can propose some positive CHANGES, who can sacrifice their time and energy to work on, for example: new hierarchy [ranks and titles], new rules, new forum threads, new guild activities, new ways of recruitment and advertising RHC outside of the guild, and who can organize SPECIAL EVENTS for all members and maybe even for people who don’t belong to the guild.

    Every good vice leader should really have time, will, energy, enthusiasm, faith, hope, ideas, patience and HEALTH to do this job… or he/she should just resign without regret and give that position for someone who can do it BETTER, because the MAIN PURPOSE of being a LEFT HAND should be trying to make all of the guild work as well as it should and keeping all the other members as glad and satisfied as possible.

    Every good vice leader should be able to save and protect the true sense of IDENTITY of this guild, and work in all areas of it’s activity in such a way which will help all the other members to feel HAPPY and PROUD that they belong to the Red Hand Clan.

    The maximum time of accepted inactivity for every vice-leader is 2 months, before he/she gets downgraded to a regular member rank – Healing, Hypnotic, Holy or Heroic Hand.

    5] THE LEADER should be the boss of all the vice-leaders, so he/she should be simply the best of them all Cool , and apart from that:

    - such a person should be able to help/advice/support/convince/persuade/consolate/comfort/reassure and care for everyone else, so:
    - he/she should join all different activities of the guild whenever it’s possible,
    - help every candidate/member/vice-leader feel chosen, wanted, respected and appreciated here,
    - make all the FINAL DECISIONS, [sometimes also discuss about them first with members, then with vices, whenever it's necessary], and eventually choose THE BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS for the whole clan.

    The maximum time of accepted inactivity for a Leader is 1 month, before he/she gets downgraded to a vice-leader rank.

    6] HONORIS CAUSA - it’s a very special rank, which cannot be simply earned or achieved in any normal way.

    It is awarded only to those inactive members who are the TRUE LEGENDS of this guild
    , which means it can only be given to those people who are either our former leaders, or our former vice leaders or our former SUPER members, and who knew how to create a very special atmosphere around themselves, and how to make this guild as wonderful as it used to be [and as we still want to keep it].
    Those people created the whole sense of identity of our Red Hand Clan and they were it’s true “fathers and mothers”.

    This special rank can still be given to our inactive leaders, vice leaders or members in the future, but only as a very special award for their very special achievements, and as a token of our gratitude not only for their friendship, but also for their hard work, priceless help and true loyalty FOR THE WHOLE GUILD, and also for their outstanding personality, exemplary behaviour, inspirational words and great sense of humour.

    That rank can be kept forever, as long as our guild exists, unless such a person decides to come back to Tibia and play actively again, which means that he/she comes back to our “normal ranks” then, and can be advanced or downgraded just like everyone else, with the exception that in case of another prolonged inactivity he/she cannot get simply removed, but comes back to Honoris Causa rank once again.

    Simplified rules of DOWNGRADING starting from the top:

    1] The Leader of RHC has a right for:

    a] 1 month of "accepted inactivity" before being downgraded to the vice leader rank,
    b] then 2 months of inactivity before being downgraded to the full member rank,
    c] then 3 months of inactivity before being downgraded to inactive rank,
    d] and then the final 6 months of inactivity before being removed from the guild OR becoming one of the Honoris Causa people,
    So 1+2+3+6 = a whole year of "accepted inactivity"
    before "disappearing in the wind of history" or joining the rank for Legendary Members.

    2] Vice leader -"Left Hand" has a right for:

    b], c], d] so 2+3+6 = 11 months of "accepted inactivity"
    before joining legendary Honoris Causa if he/she deserves or being completely removed form the guild.

    3] Every active member - "Healing, Hypnotic, Holy or Heroic Hand" has a right for:

    c] and d] so 3+6 = 9 months of "accepted inactivity",
    before being removed or [in some very special cases, if the guild decides so] becoming one of the Honoris Causa legends.

    4] Every inactive member -"Hidden Hand" has a right for:

    d] 6 months of "accepted inactivity"
    before being removed [or again - if he/she had some super achievements while being a member he/she can join the Honoris Causa rank too].

    5] A candidate - "Harmless Hand" is a special case:

    such a person has 2 months of special Trial to prove himself/herself worthy enough to become a full member of our guild, otherwise he/she is simply removed from it, so
    the accepted time of inactivity is max those 2 months here.


    In the ideal circumstances if such a person KNOWS that he/she will be inactive for some longer time then he/she should appoint someone for a temporary replacement.


    a] if the leader suddenly disappears for a longer time without announcing it to the guild [and we all know that there are countless reasons in our life why this can happen too]
    b] if the leader is absent for a longer time then was expected, and the person appointed by him/her cannot or doesn't want to be a "temporary leader", then all the vices and all the full members available at that time should vote who to choose for that position, until the "real leader" comes back.


    Apart from one exception of HONORIS CAUSA rank,
    being advanced or downgraded in our guild is not any kind of "reward" or "punishment", but its simply clearing out some facts, to make the whole guild organization work better for everyone. So those who deserve to be advanced are not "better" and those who deserve to be downgraded are not "worse";
    it's just a TEMPORARY consequence and result of fulfilling [or not fulfilling] certain requirements and expectations IN A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME.
    That means that the situation can completely change in ANOTHER PERIOD OF TIME, so even if you get downgraded one day, don't despair, you can still be "promoted" and advanced after some time again, when your activity will change.  Smile

    We see the difference between being REMOVED from the guild and being KICKED OUT from it:

    - The first situation [being removed from RHC candidates and members list] is simply the result of a prolonged inactivity which lasts longer then our “accepted inactivity time” described above. This process IS NOT ANY KIND OF “PUNISHMENT”, so it CAN BE REVERSED and those people CAN COME BACK to the guild if only their situation changes in such a way that they will be able to play actively once again.

    - The second situation [being kicked out from RHC] happens only if our candidate or member BREAKS OUR RULES in a significant way, harmful to the guild as a whole or to some of our member[s] in particular. This process IS CONSIDERED AS A PUNISHMENT, so it CANNOT BE REVERSED and such people CANNOT COME BACK to our guild anymore,

    [unless in some very special and unimaginable circumstances the Leader and Vice Leaders decide otherwise].

    [Written by Noei and accepted by Irsu and Vloskel in September 2014]

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